I am highly diverse DJ with a strong foot in the dance world and a big passion for world music. I have a huge collection of music on vinyl, CD, usb keys and multiple hard drives spanning around 200 genres, (see below for a quick summary). You could say I am quite obsessive about listening to, collecting and organising music.

I have developed a very strong understanding for why different people like different genres and how to creatlightened-crowd1.jpge a perfect atmospheres. To be a good DJ it is important to be a psychologist both in terms of building a journey and creating the optimum atmosphere for everyone involved. In the early days I felt like a bit of mad scientist watching the reactions of the crowd and noting what created which effects and why. There are sequences of songs that will get people to kiss, others that will get everyone singing, hugging, fighting and most of all dancing. Music is a powerful medium and I feel a responsibility and a great honour in taking people on this magical journey. Even more important than observation is the feeling that happens in the moment when I get on a wave of flow and intuition takes over. It feels as though I have become one with the crowd and for me this is one of the greatest pleasures in life. DJ-ing can be a very Zen activity working fully harmoniously with the present. There is also an art in knowing when to play music that people know and love and when to offer something new and exciting that can instantly engage them. Some nights will be fully tailored to providing completely new music and others such as conventional parties will be filled with peoples favourite music. Consequently one of my biggest strengths is reading any crowd and knowing exactly what to give them to have the most amazing time.

It is tricky to get all the styles I play in here as there are so many. My collection spans from everything from rock and roll to trap (see below at an attempt of listing them!)  I enjoy creating a grove with styles such as various kinds of house. I love lively global influences and world music such as afro, roots, dub, latin, asian & arabic sounds. I absolutely love hyping a crowd into a frenzy with energetic beats, interesting rhythms & heavy baselines such as dub-step, drum & bass, jungle & rave. I also love beautiful sexy sounds and deep beautiful music that moves your spirit.  I am often accompanied with percussion, an instrumentalist and/or vocals to give an uplifting vibe . This brings the digital sound to life moving both body and soul.

As well as DJing I also run a group called Conscious Explorers  Consciousness and living consciously are a big part of my life. Much of the commercial music I play can be very ego driven, there is certainly a place for it and that music is fun to play. However as a welcomed contrast I also love doing events that are focused purely on conscious music and lyrics that take you to a positive place.

Some of the more unusual styles you may find me blending include synth pop, math rock, electro-swing, funk fusion, soul, psy dub, blues, rock n roll, dub, ska, downtempo, beautiful electronica, liquid funk, broken beats, glitch, detroit techno, minimal, ambient & etherial for creating the ultimate soundscape.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Cross genre commercial popular music from classical to current chart music that it is so new it is yet to be released!
  • Every kind of house and garage (deep, tech, jacking soulful, uplifting, funky & progressive)
  • Breakbeat
  • Trance
  • Techno (minimal & Detroit)
  • Bass heavy (Trap, dub step, drum and bass, future garage etc)
  • Electro-swing, lounge & downtempo
  • Blues, Jazz rock and roll, ska, 1920s – 1950s
  • Old school to new RnB and hiphop
  • Soul, funk, rare groove, disco
  • Conscious music and lyrics (all genres)
  • Synth pop, math rock, funk fusion, electro pop,  new wave, future garage , electronica, ambient, noise, atmospheric etc.
  • World music traditional (Latin, Brazilian, African, Indian, Bollywood, Asian, dub, Afrobeat, Cumbia, Soca Samba, Salsa, etc)
  • World music infused dance music (pys-trance, house, electro, hip hop, drum & bass, moonbahton etc.)

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