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Sound science & flickering light stimulation

DJ Caz Coronel, using her DJ set at a festival.

The Power of Music

Music powerfully affects people. It is an incredible medium for connecting, unifying, energising and transforming a person’s state. Everything is vibration and music moves us from the inside out. When you let music into your body and surrender to it, it feels as if you are pure energy, effortlessly moving in total presence. It is powerful. I have strived to understand it on every level, whether creating music to evoke a state of transcendence, creating an energetic atmosphere on the dance floor, a mood for an immersive event or to fully express an emotion or sentiment.

I am working with The Monroe Institute to incorporate cutting edge audio technology to my compositions and DJing. These sounds enhance particular brainwaves for desired brain states!
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Monroe Sound Science (MSS), is a revolutionary sound technology exclusively developed by The Monroe Institute. My tracks using MSS are designed to create gamma synchrony in the brain, resulting in feelings of relaxation, energy and bliss.

In 1971, Bob Monroe, a visionary radio producer, embarked on a journey to understand and explore the mysteries of out-of-body experiences. He gathered a team of scientists to study the phenomena and create a way to initiate them at will.

Through extensive research and experimentation, TMI discovered the power of sound modulation to unlock mind states. Over the past 50 years, the technology has evolved and improved. Now MSS’s cutting-edge technology combines over 50 different techniques, including binaural beats, frequency modulation, amplitude, and phase modulation to guide listeners into targeted states of expanded awareness.RX1 Light Entrainmet

Brain Imagining


Using MSS

These DJ mixes are designed to create an energised meditative trance state and inspire free movement.

A colourful and vibrant corridor with no end, symbolising the elevated conscious feeling the techno and progressive tech house sounds in Caz's music would evoke in the listener.

Sexy, Deep, Progressive Tech House & Techno

The album cover for Caz Coronel's tracks featuring MSS sound.

Dubstep, Dub, Glitch, Psy, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Jungle & Rave

A graphic of CIA's analysis and assessment of the TMI gateway process.
CIA’s Analysis and Assessment of the TMI Gateway Process

The RoXiva light can be used for therapeutic purposes, healing, self improvement and pure enjoyment. I use it alongside music to induce visual phenomena and altered states of consciousness such as hypnagogia. Even though the all the lights are white, participants report seeing vivid, colourful moving geometric patterns.

TMI’s partnership with the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia has been researching the effects of synchronous gamma frequencies that may indicate a bridge of awareness from subconscious to superconscious states.  

MSS has been proven effective by many organisations, including government, military, hospitals, hospices, prisons, and schools. With applications including relaxation, sleep, learning, focus, healing, managing pain and anxiety, mental health issues, neurological conditions, PTSD, surgery, trauma, addiction, high blood pressure, and even feelings of enlightenment and wellbeing. MSS is a powerful technology for self-discovery and personal growth.

RoXiva Light Brain Entrainment

It can have effects beyond just the visual modality, including inducing kinaesthetic, cutaneous and visceral sensations and changes to mood, emotions, arousal and alterations to perception of time. People report a positive state of relaxation and feeling refreshed. These feelings usually outlast the flicker light exposure. Light flickering can promote sleep, alleviating depression, PTSD and anxiety. Research has shown that it can reduce amyloid plaque in patients with Alzheimer’s.

Courses & audios available from the TMI UK & USA


DJ Caz Coronel rocking a pink baseball cap, short cropped hair, black dangling earrings, and pink headphones.
Coperate & Commercial


A compilation of album covers for Caz Coronel's various released tracks.
My music & compositions


Caz Coronel appearing deep in thought and concentration as she plays the piano.
Improvised spontaneous Piano


A compilation of posters for the events, movies, and videos Caz Coronel produced soundtracks for.
Commissioned Soundtracks


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Conscious Explorers

The logo for Caz Coronel's group, Conscious Explorers. The round logo shows an extreme closeup of an iris. A faint image of a person with a flashlight is seen at the bottom centre, as if they were exploring the depths of the iris. The group's name is written in the centre.

Conscious Explorers is a group that I run that explores consciousness and the nature of reality. For lovers of adventures in multiple dimensions. It covers topics such as brain states, cutting-edge science & techniques such as meditation lucid dreaming, astral projection and the out of body experience. We also explore how to live consciously and in harmony with the planet.

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