Cutting edge brain entrainment



Sound, spacial & flickering light

DJ Caz Coronel, using her DJ set at a festival.

Welcome to a world of music and consciousness designed to fire up untapped energy and ignite amazing feeling!

I use techniques drawing from science, nature, spiritual traditions, intuition and feeling. I work with sound and light brain entrainment for therapeutic and research purposes.

Music for Brain Entrainment

Music is a powerful medium for connecting, energising and transforming a person’s state. Life is vibration. Music moves us from the inside out. When you fully let music into your body and move with it, it can feel as if you are pure energy, effortlessly moving in total presence. I have strived to understand it on every level; creating music to evoke transcendence, an energetic atmosphere on the dance floor, a mood for an immersive event or to express an emotion or sentiment.

I work with The Monroe Institute to incorporate cutting edge audio technology into my music. These sounds enhance particular brainwaves for desired brain states!

Image from the declassified CIA Stargate program

Flickering Light Brain Entrainment

A colourful and vibrant corridor with no end, symbolising the elevated conscious feeling the techno and progressive tech house sounds in Caz's music would evoke in the listener.
The album cover for Caz Coronel's tracks featuring MSS sound.



DJ Caz Coronel rocking a pink baseball cap, short cropped hair, black dangling earrings, and pink headphones.
Coperate & Commercial


A compilation of album covers for Caz Coronel's various released tracks.
My music & compositions


Caz Coronel appearing deep in thought and concentration as she plays the piano.
Improvised spontaneous Piano


A compilation of posters for the events, movies, and videos Caz Coronel produced soundtracks for.
Commissioned Soundtracks

Conscious Explorers

The logo for Caz Coronel's group, Conscious Explorers. The round logo shows an extreme closeup of an iris. A faint image of a person with a flashlight is seen at the bottom centre, as if they were exploring the depths of the iris. The group's name is written in the centre.

Conscious Explorers is a group that explores consciousness and the nature of reality. For lovers of adventures in multiple dimensions. It covers topics such as brain states, cutting-edge science & techniques such as meditation lucid dreaming, astral projection and the out of body experience. We also explore how to live consciously and in harmony with the planet.

Loop Busting Therapy

LBT gets directly to the root of a problem fast. It allows you to consciously recognise your issues in their fullest clarity so that they can be understood and healed quickly and effictively. Loop busting uses tools that bypass years of therapy in just a few sessions and sometimes in just one. Afterwards you are given an strategy to positively move forward.



Museum of Consciousness Nosily Festival 2024

On Saturday 13th July at Noisily Festival the Museum of Consciousness will present two hours of cutt…

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