My name is Caz Coronel

I am a certified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist with a BA in Philosophy and Cognitive and Computing Science. I am the Founder of the Conscious Explorers Group and Loop Busting Therapy. I am fascinated with understanding the nature of reality, the human psyche and what really makes people feel good. I have searched deeply to understand questions such as “What really matters?” “What truly motivates a persons actions?” and “What creates different emotional responses and why?”

A huge passion of my life is music and sound and how it moves people. I’m a DJ, music producer and mixed media artist working with Monroe Sound Science brain entrainment to facilitate desirable brain states. My job, as a therapist, like my job as a DJ, is to read people, feel what is happening and respond quickly and appropriately. I have a unique skill that is absolutely key in loop busting. By analysing people’s narratives, I can quickly spot inconsistencies. I use this same skill to find holes in the plots of fictional stories.

Real talk

Like many people I had a difficult upbringing and an atypical neurobiology. I grew up in a highly emotional family who taught me that my emotions were unreal. This caused me a lot of pain and confusion and I soon became a very dissociated kid. I longed to escape from my self, but running away from oneself is always a futile activity. I frequently had terrifying out-of-body experiences and I wished they would stop!

Over the years, I have been through my fair share of DSM diagnosis from Bipolar, OCPD, and ADHD were the main ones. Ultimately these labels were descriptions to describe strategies I adopted to navigate a tricky life. I’ve spent the second half of my life unpacking and understanding these strategies and learning new and better one. This has been the key to my healing and it is my life’s work to share what I have learned. Eventually, by understanding how to use my energy positively, I transformed what seemed like a curse into an extraordinary gift. Nowadays, I teach and speak about topics such as out-of-body experiences, astral projection, lucid dreaming, and other phenomena that arise from shifting brain states. These experiences now offer immense joy, knowledge, and healing potential.

I have been humbled to be mentioned in numerous books on the subject of consciousness and the human mind.