Visioning Now is a groundbreaking project dedicated to collectively shaping the future we dream of living today. Through global collaboration we seeks to capture the most thorough understand of wellbeing by gathering insights from individuals of all different walks of life, worldwide. It is my aim that this be the largest study of global wellbeing every created. Visioning Now aims to co-create a vibrant virtual reality (VR) model that vividly portrays our shared vision for an ideal future. This will look different all over the world and is not about creating a standard global model but a diverse one that allows for best the integration for all cultures. Then using AI we can view this ideals through a scientific lens, using the very latest in neuroscience, biology, ecology and all other modalities to create this vision that will be optimal for all.

The aim is not only to provide a vision for a better world but to give people with a precise blueprint of how to improve their lives. This involves diet, living space, mental health, mindset and also understanding their own blindspots and weaknesses, so that they can have the strength to create the life they want.

This visionary endeavor is not about replacing reality but creating a road map and blueprint to inform it. Join us in crafting the most compelling and precise representation of the best possible future. Much like charting a course to a new destination, we begin with a vision we are excited about then take candid assessment of our current reality and identifying the essential steps to reach our desired destination.

Visioning Now leverages cutting-edge technologies and available energy to seamlessly navigate towards this collective vision. We invite individuals skilled in VR, AR, or AI to actively participate in this transformative project. If you’re passionate about shaping the future and possess expertise in these areas, we welcome your collaboration. Contact us now to be a part of this thrilling exploration into the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

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I recently discovered the work of Lydia and Arturo De Lyon. There are architecture is perfectly aligned with this vision