April 26, 2021 in DJing

Creating rich soundscapes for the outstanding Doctor Who “Time Fracture”

Poster for Doctor Who Time Fracture
Dr Who Time Fracture

I am excited to share my involvement in Doctor Who: Time Fracture, an exciting immersive theatrical experience. Featuring JP Lantieri remix of my track “Those who see now” and my remix of Liz Cirelli Morning After.

I had the opportunity to attend the first preview of Time Fracture, and I was blown away by the epic production. This adventure transports you right into the heart of the Doctor Who universe. It is here that you will embark on a journey across space and time to protect Earth from menacing monsters and ancient aliens. With the creative minds behind London’s longest-running immersive theatre production, The Great Gatsby, at the helm, Doctor Who: Time Fracture is an experience that fans won’t want to miss.

Food for thought

One aspect I enjoyed about working on Doctor Who: Time Fracture was diving into the fascinating philosophical concepts of time travel. These mind-bending ideas never fail to capture my imagination and spark my creativity. (If you’re a fan of time travel stories, I highly recommend checking out the Netflix series Dark, which explores some unique and thought-provoking time travel concepts.)

Doctor Who: Time Fracture is set to run for an extended period, so you can enjoy it more than once. In fact immersive experiences evolve and improve over time, so there’s always something new to discover. Whether you’re a die-hard Fan or simply curious about this kind of adventure, don’t hesitate to step up. Be a hero, join the UNIT in your mission to save Earth and the human race!

When and where

Opening on the 26 May 2021 at Immersive | LDN It will be initially socially distanced until further restrictions are lifted, (hopefully on the June 21st). This is an outstanding event on a large scale, which will be sure to blow your mind!

A very messy room filled with furniture that looks like its from the 70s, we see a couple of old TVs, a leather chair an old red desk with no draws and a ton of junk.
A Peak into Time Fracture
A peak of the control center. A blue room with neon blue lights. There are two large screens up high showing the Doctor giving important information. The room is filed with computers all around. It is currently empty.
The control center

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