March 1, 2023 in Conscious Explorers

Enlightenment Hacking: Astonishing Explorations of Sound and Brainwaves

Caz Coronel with a Muse headbank and a thumb monitor for oxygen and heart rate.

The Power of Sound Frequencies

As the CEO of Conscious Explorers, I am always looking for new ways to tap into the power of our minds and unlock the secrets to personal fulfilment and enlightenment. Recently, I’ve been conducting experiments with sound frequencies, lucid dreams and brainwaves in an effort to understand the science behind euphoria and enlightened states. This journey has taken me to some fascinating discoveries, and I’m excited to share them with you in this blog post.

Unlocking the Secrets of Lucid Dreams

One intriguing aspect of my research has been the examination of sound frequencies and their effects on brainwaves. Some studies suggest that a shift in music frequencies from 432 Hz to 440 Hz in the 1960s may have led to less positive effects on our brainwaves. While it is challenging to test this theory definitively, I’ve been conducting experiments to get a crude understanding of the potential impact of these frequencies on our mental states. But brainwaves are complex and influenced by many factors so there is much testing to be done.

Harnessing Brainwaves for Enlightenment

In addition to sound, I’ve been exploring the world of lucid dreaming and sound. Lucid dreams are fascinating realm where we can control our dreams and experience new dimensions of reality. Lucid dreaming offers endless opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery, and learning techniques for extending lucidity can be a valuable tool in our quest for enlightenment.

Connecting with the Source of Our Existence

A crucial aspect of my work at Conscious Explorers is the belief that if more people could experience oneness, enlightenment and connection, we could collectively transform the world for the better. This idea has driven me to delve deeper into the meaning of life and our journey back to the source of our existence. This idea inspired my recent visit to the United States to work on unlocking these experiences through sound science with the help of The Monroe Institute.

The Potential for Personal and Global Transformation

In a video from 2021, I discussed the idea that we are all part of a greater consciousness, experiencing life through the lens of our individual selves. Through meditation, lucid dreaming and the out of body experience and ultimately presence we can access higher states of awareness and connect with the source of our existence ā€“ a place of pure potential where creation begins. In this state, we can manifest the life we desire and achieve a sense of liberation from the attachments that bind us to our physical reality.

Join the Conscious Explorers’ Journey Towards Enlightenment

I have a theory that is important that we never reach enlightenment but can eternally get closer to it. More on this on another blog post! As we continue to explore the boundaries of our consciousness and unlock the secrets of the universe, I invite you to join me on this journey towards near enlightenment. Together, we can discover new ways to experience life, connect with our true selves, and make the world a better place for all.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects and insights from Conscious Explorers!

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