April 11, 2020 in DJing

Global Drum & Bass Collective rave! 04/11/2020

Poster for Global Drum and Bass Collective 001 online Zoom party, taking place on 11th April 9 pm GMT. The background of the picture is a black void with an image of the Earth in the centre, made out of a million tiny lights.
Global Drum & Bass Collective rave! Launching 04/11

Welcome to the Global Drum & Bass Collective event online. Despite isolation, our love for music knows no bounds! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be spinning my signature sounds at the very first online Global Drum and Bass Collective rave!

Global sounds

We will unite from all corners of the globe and dance to the contagious beats of D&B and Jungle. Let’s bring the rhythm and energy of the Global D&B collective straight to your living room!

When and where?

This exclusive event starts at 9 pm on April 11th. Experience some of the finest Drum and Bass DJs from around the world. Secure your spot at this ticketed event by visiting this Eventbrite link. In addition check the facebook page for more details.

Global Drum & Bass Collective line up

Firstly, the event kicks off with Arietta, known for her infectious broken beat dance grooves and uplifting presence. Her deep understanding of Drum and Bass and Breaks music is evident in her emotive and ethereal sets. Arietta is also a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and founder of the national artist collective, ANIMA.

Next up is TGR Bass, a lifelong musician inspired by the groove of trip-hop, the energy of big beat, and the soul of jungle. TGR is an advocate for female and LGBTQIA+ equality in clubland and is one-half of the dynamic duo TankTop NYC. For this event, TGR Bass will treat us to an all-vinyl set!

In my set, I’ll bring an exciting mix of dirty bass, uplifting euphoric sounds, and jazz and world elements

Finally, our guest DJ, the legendary DJ Shorty. He is known for his residency at ChipShop and hosting the ChipShop Show on Rapstation 365. Shorty will showcase his turn-tablist skills and extensive music collection also with an all vinyl set. Shorty’s set is sure to be a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

I’m super excited to share the virtual stage with Shorty. It was his exceptional skill and passion for music that sparked my desire to become a DJ. I’ve always admired his ability to seamlessly blend genres and create unforgettable experiences on the dance floor. Having the opportunity to perform alongside him now feels like a full circle moment. I know that our combined energy will create an atmosphere that transcends virtual space and brings unity and togetherness to everyone joining us.

Uniting through sound

As the founder of the Global Drum and Bass Collective, I am thrilled to bring this event to you. Our mission has always been to promote and celebrate the diverse sounds and cultures within the Drum and Bass community. Despite the challenges of the past year, we remain committed to this goal.

This rave will showcase the talent and creativity of some of the best DJs in the world. Mark your calendars, grab your tickets, and get ready to dance like never before. The Global Drum and Bass Collective is ready to take you on a journey through sound and unite us in the love of music.

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