December 1, 2019 in Acting

Acting in Happiness : A film about Love and Connection

The poster for the film Happiness. The main character looks away, looking worried and sad.


I have always been passionate about exploring the depths of human emotion and connection. Acting is an amazing way to get into the mind of a character. Recently, I was fortunate enough to act in a short film whose script both captured my heart and mind “Happiness.” This film takes an alternate look at relationships.

About Happiness

“Happiness” is a beautifully crafted short film, directed by the incredible award-winning Dheeraj Akolkar and written by the talented James Wordsworth. I had the honour of working alongside the phenomenal Sophie Stone, with the evocative music of Lewis Greenslade accompanying our journey..


During the filming process, I found myself reflecting on my own experiences with this subject. I couldn’t help but feel deep feelings relating to it as I delved into the emotions required for my character. It is interesting how past encounters with love and connection shape our understanding of these concepts.

Some of the deepest connections I have had, I have ended up losing. I found solace in the knowledge that every connection, whether fleeting or lasting, contributed to my growth as an individual. I realised that the relationships we form, both with ourselves and others, are the foundation of our happiness.

As we shot the final scene, I felt a sense of accomplishment and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of this project. I was also deeply grateful for the connections I had formed with the cast and crew, who are like a second family to me. It was at this moment that I understood the film’s message – happiness is an ever-evolving journey, defined by the connections we make and the love we share.

Watch Happiness below

I invite you all to experience “Happiness” for yourself by watching the film below. I hope that it speaks to your heart and inspires you to reflect on the connections in your own life.

Happiness is something we all want and it is through love and connection that we find our true selves. Keep seeking those moments that bring joy into your life and cherish the connections that make your heart sing.

With love and introspection

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