I invite you to embark on a mystical journey through my music. Inspired by the places that I have traveled to, I’ve gathered sounds and ideas from nature and many different cultures and philosophies. I am fascinated by the nature of reality, the human psyche and what it is to feel alive! My music comes from my heart and is driven by what feels right whilst I am making it. Consequently, my tracks are unbound by genres and trends. My goal is to evoke emotions, create connections and enhance consciousness.

My latest tracks have been made specifically to create a sense of euphoria and oneness. Theses tracks have been made in collaboration with the Monroe Institute using their brain entrainment tones and are designed to bring measurable positive changes. You can learn more about the TMI here. From uplifting melodies to pulsing rhythms, I offer a diverse range of work. Join me in an exploration of sensations and a heightened state of consciousness through the metamorphic power of sound.

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A calming track exploring the challenges we face at the crossroads of life.


Lacune is a neo-soulful hip-hop track, made in collaboration with heis41.


A gentle dubstep/chill-step track with Gregorian monk chants.

Dead Man Walking

Written by Hellboy, lyrics and singing by Caz Coronel. (Explicit and unpleasant to most ears!)

The Owls are Not What They Seem

Written and produced by Caz Coronel sampling Twin Peaks.
This music contains samples that belong to CBS CID. Please buy the box set and watch it from them, it’s masterful! You can watch it here: https://www.sho.com/twin-peaks

Thank you for exploring my music!

I hope my music brings you joy and inspiration on your own journey. You can hear bespoke commissioned tracks here. If you want to stay up to date with my latest tracks and releases, be sure to follow me on SoundCloud. You’ll get access to exclusive content, DJing mixes, original music, and more.

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