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Who is Loop Busting Therapy for?

  • Are you stuck in a rut?
  • Do you have issues that drive you round in circles with seemingly no solution? 
  • Have you got a habit you’ve been trying to kick for ages with no luck? 
  • Are you creatively blocked?
  • Do you have problems finding or maintaining a successful relationship?
  • Are you paralysed by a fear?
  • Do you keep making the same mistakes again and again?
  • Do you feel lost, confused or disconnected from who you are?
  • Are you depressed?
  • Are you bi-polar?
  • Do you feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential?

If you answered yes to any of these then Loop BustingTherapy can help you change your life fast in an amazing way.

How can Loop Busting Therapy help you?

Loop Busting Therapy gets directly to the root of a problem fast. It allows you to consciously recognise your issues in their fullest clarity so that they can be understood and healed in the quickest and most efficient way.  Loop busting uses tools that bypass years of therapy in just a few sessions.

Why do we create loops?

We begin forming loops early in life. Their primary purpose is to protect us from what our subconscious mind sees as a ‘dangerous truth’. This is usually something that we just can’t handle often due to its frightening implications. Similarly, loops are created when we are unable to fully understand a situation and we construct flawed logic to make sense of what is happening. 

This survival mechanism is useful when we are young, vulnerable, and dependent on others to keep us alive. However, when we grow older we no longer need this and it no longer serves us. As we gain knowledge of the world, many of the “monsters” that seemed real to us disappear, but the loops persist. Over time, these loops build on each other, resulting in a scaffolding of misconceptions based on ill-founded presumptions. Without awareness, we can become trapped in loops for a lifetime. To live an amazing embodied, meaningful life, it is essential that we break through loops and reconnect with our authentic selves.

A rusty lock hangs off chains, symbolic of being trapped in a loop. But with Loop Busting Therapy, the chains can be broken, and the door can be opened to a new, more fulfilling life.
Take the key to bust through your limiting beliefs with Loop Busting Therapy

How does it work?

As a “Loop Buster”, my job is to help you break through the thought loops that are preventing you from addressing the underlying problems. By identifying inconsistencies in your logic and asking the right questions at the right time, and using techniques that consciously bypass the false narrative the loop is broken and the real issue is revealed.

Beyond the loop, we will reach the facts where clear decisions can be made. You will no longer be blocked by the barriers you once had and will therefore be able to reconnect with your genuine emotions. The reality is that no decision can be made without a connection to emotion. Mental analysis will always produce pros and cons, but the final decision is always emotional. When you can listen to what your heart is telling you, you will know exactly what you should do in life. You will see clearly what has held you back. Then together we can build a program that will take you forward in the direction you want.

What is Loop Busting Therapy based on?

A striking image of sturdy, thick chain links is showcased against the backdrop of a serene harbor dotted with ships, with the setting sun casting a warm glow through the chains. The powerful symbolism of the unbreakable chains represents the strength and resilience that can be achieved through Loop Busting Therapy, while the tranquil scenery evokes a sense of peace and serenity that can be achieved through overcoming limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.
The powerful symbolism of the unbreakable chains represents the strength and resilience that can be achieved through Loop Busting Therapy

Who am I?

My name is Caz (Caroline Senior Coronel). I am a certified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Cognitive and Computing Science. I’m the founder of the Conscious Explorers Group and the Loop Busting process. I am also a DJ and music producer working with Monroe Sound Science brain entrainment to facilitate desirable brain states. My job, as a therapist (much like my job as a DJ), is to read body language, assess what is happening in the moment and respond immediately. This is a skill I have been honing and developing for many years. Read more here.

LBT was conceived after conquering a 30-year battle with extreme bipolar depression. It is an accumulation and refinement of the most effective therapies and techniques that lead to my full recovery.

Throughout this journey, I have studied extensively personal development, and mental disorders: bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders, narcissism, eating disorders, drug addiction, and obsessive-compulsive disorder to name a few, and researched many kinds of therapy and read a vast array of literature on psychology, neuroscience, and brain training. As a teacher of lucid dreams and OBES, I have been working with dreams and states of consciousness my entire life.

Loop Busting draws some ideas from NLP, Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Jungian Therapy, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, art therapy, hypnotherapy, and Psychotherapy.

Who is suitable for Loop Busting Therapy?

Loop Busting is suitable for anyone who has a burning desire to transform problems, addiction or behavioural pattern. You need to have a good enough command of the English language to articulate your problem and be able to answer questions as honestly as you can. Anyone who is old enough to do this is suitable for this therapy.

Why a burning desire?

When someone is stuck in a loop, they can put the listener into a trance. You may have experienced this when someone tells you their problems and you find yourself drifting off, almost as if you are hypnotized by the endless cycle of their loop. As a Loop Buster, I use various techniques to interrupt these trances. At times, this may seem rude, but it is an important part of the process. I am cutting through the story to get to the truth. You may at times experience “fight or flight” sensations and want to run away. It may take all your willpower to stay there as the blocks start breaking down. Your mind may look for distractions, and you may start to get annoyed as your defensive mechanisms fight back.

Rest assured, these methods are not aggressive techniques to “break you down.” On the contrary, loop busting is a process that guides you to come forward consciously with your personal truths. Finding out what lies beyond the lies can feel frightening in the process, but the fear you feel is no longer relevant today but a leftover feeling from when you were too vulnerable to take care of yourself. The uncomfortable feelings you may feel are always worth it. True happiness and fulfillment will only be experienced by our authentic selves.

A close-up of a roaring fire, flames dancing and crackling as they consume logs. The fire represents transformation and release, a metaphor for the burning away of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns through therapy and coaching.
The fire represents transformation and release, a metaphor for the burning away of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns through therapy and coaching

How do you know when a loop has been busted?

A man smashes through a pile of red bricks with intense focus and determination. The contrast between the black and white background and the striking red bricks draws the eye and evokes a sense of passion and strength. This image perfectly captures the spirit of Conscious Explorers, a community dedicated to breaking down barriers and unlocking the limitless potential within ourselves.
Smashing through bricks with determination – an image that perfectly captures the spirit of Conscious Explorers, a community dedicated to breaking down barriers and unlocking the limitless potential within ourselves

A man leaps into the air with pure joy and excitement. His face radiates pure happiness and triumph. His body is frozen in a moment of pure elation, conveying the feeling of success and accomplishment.
A man leaps into the air with pure joy and excitement

When a loop is broken, a person may feel confused and disoriented as their usual thought patterns no longer make sense. A broken loop is literally a short circuit of one or more neural pathways. It takes a few moments for the brain to settle in its new configuration. It is common for individuals to experience a mix of emotions at this time, such as crying and laughing which can happen almost simultaneously.

Crying often comes with the realisation of how they lived by flawed logic, the wasted time and pain it has caused them, but it is also a release of joy and relief as the person reconnects with their authentic self and breaks free from negative patterns that has held them back for so long. The simultaneous laughing may be a result of seeing the absurdity of their previously flawed logic and a sense of euphoria as barriers are lifted. This combination of crying and laughing is a sure sign of a breakthrough. Though it is possible to have a breakthrough without tears and laughter, the mix of emotions will certainly be felt.

What to expect after Loop Busting Therapy?

It is certain that a life lived with loops contains inauthentic aspects. When you remove your blocks things are likely to change. In terms of relationships, the chances are that the people closest to you have had many of the same loops that you did. When you remove your loops, many of these people will no longer reflect who you are.  Likewise, because you have changed you will no longer be reflecting their own lies and misconceptions back at them and they will possibly feel uncomfortable around you.

Several things could happen with these relationships. If they are either ready to change, they will become inspired by you, and your friendship will grow and develop. If they are not ready, you may no longer feel a resonance with them or it becomes difficult for them to be around you. These friendships will naturally fall away as people who are living more authentically will be attracted to you. It will be similar in other areas of your life. The more loops you bust the more you will find a natural inclination to make changes. For example, you may feel the job you are in no longer suits you. Having loops busted can spur on some big changes in your life.

What can I guarantee?

I can guarantee that if you come with an honest willingness to solve your problem, you will make good progress. Everything you tell me will be completely confidential. It is imperative that you trust and feel comfortable around me and I will do everything in my power to make sure that is the case. I can guarantee that the goal is to get you to the solve the problem as quickly as is humanely possible. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have regarding the process.

How long is a session?

A session lasts up to 90 minutes and flexibility is important. Sometimes we can get there in under an hour but if we are on a roll and progress is unfolding issues, it is good to have the space to move into them. LBT is motivated by speed and efficiency. If it can be sorted in 20 minutes then great, if not, there is no extra cost to you for that session going into 90 minutes.

How many sessions will you need?

The speed at which a problem can be solved depends on the nature of the problem and the willingness of the individual to address it. With a motivated client and a simple problem, we can quickly get to the root of the issue and present a solution in as little as one session.

More complex or intricate problems may require additional time. Typically, another session is needed to put a plan of action in place, making two sessions the norm for most issues. In 15 years of experience, no one has ever required more than three sessions to fully resolve an issue. However, it’s worth noting that most individuals have multiple loops, and as one problem is resolved, you may wish to explore others.

A basketball player's silhouette is captured in mid-air as they soar towards the hoop. The shot is taken from a low angle, emphasizing the height and power of the jump. It's a moment frozen in time, representing the thrill of victory and accomplishment.
A moment frozen in time, representing the thrill of victory and accomplishment

Short term and long term Loop Busting Therapy Sessions

Some people will have one specific problem that they want to fix ASAP. There’s no problem with dipping in and out of this whenever an unsolvable problem rears its head. Other people may want to fully explore all the loops in their life, they may wish to build a therapist-client relationship to really learn about who they are. For those that want a more comprehensive service that goes really in-depth, I have developed a program called “Your Authentic Self In 14 Days”. This involves homework and techniques that I will teach you to help you reach your full authentic self in the quickest way possible. Making changes in life can be scary and I will help to guide you through this process in the most harmonious way.

Two men, caught in a moment of shared laughter. One man has his arm around the other's next, bringing his face close to the other's, and they appear to be very much in love. Overall, the image captures a beautiful moment of joy and love between the two men.
A beautiful moment of joy and love shared between a couple

Loop Busting for couples

Loops very commonly play out within a relationship where one person literally feeds into the loops of the others creating a super-loop between the two people.

Loop busting therapy is perfect for helping couples and other kinds of relationships resolve their issues and move into a more harmonious balance.

How much does it cost?

Individuals: £100 for 1 session

For couples: £150 for 1 session

Contact me at [email protected] to book an appointment and have any questions answered. Please include your number so I can call you for a consultation to discuss what is best for your needs. I very much look forward to meeting you.


“I attended just one loop-busting session with Caz, and there were instant results in terms of the negative behaviour pattern I wanted to address. Caz’s approach is very simple yet innovative and highly efficient – she leads you towards the core of a problem on a path which is remarkably straightforward, breaking out of the ‘loop’ on which we keep ourselves to perpetuate the issue. It’s of course not just the clever technique, her experience and intuition allow her to work with it properly and efficiently.

The session was quite exhilarating and a great relief, because it really opened my eyes to how and why I kept this unnecessary and destructive habit in place! It was not at all intimidating to work with her, it felt more like a journey of discovery.I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get rid of some self-built obstacles in their lives. If you are someone who is ready to take a new look into your own emotions and patterns of behaviour, I think it is a great way of moving forward and doesn’t involve talking about your issues for hours on end!”


“Caz has over the years giving me several loop busting sessions. Each particular issue had a web of other issues attached to it that I found hard to detangle. With Caz’s help she systematically broke down my way of thinking. The problem would then naturally fall away and I would see a change in my life almost immediately. A few hours session to deal with a lifetime problem.”


“After a recent experience where I was deeply hurt by someone I love .I instinctively and subconsciously rejected the pain, sorry and anger through rational means, only for it to surface in its real state after being comforted by a close friend.I committed to delving deeper. Above all in life, I wish to live in awareness, presence and be fully in control of my actions. Ive been reminded a number of times in my life by those close to me that I block and repress the emotion of anger.

A single session with Caz highlighted patterns and assumptions that I am rarely aware of. Her ability to chart these visually created a perspective and insight into this behaviour. This is leading to improvement via awareness. I highly recommend Loop Busting if you are sincerely and passionately committed to achieving change.”


“Speaking with Caz prior to my loop busting I found that she was very ‘real’ and easy to talk to. It’s fair to say I can be quite a closed person. First we identified some shared experiences.This really helped too as I felt that she really understood some of the issues I was dealing with. Over the past 20 years I have tried a range of therapies. I just couldn’t seem to figure things out. Life has always seemed like a constant battle and I was always seeking help in various forms.

Caz seemed very confident that shed be able to help me ‘bust the loops’ and I was assured by this. I felt it was the right time for me, so I attracted Caz into my life at the right moment. I’m glad that I followed my instincts I am still completely blown away by my experience of loop busting.

Caz was able to draw conclusions based on my behaviour with such ease. Once she explained this it all just made perfect sense. I learned a lot about myself over two days and it was extremely powerful and liberating.

We formed an action plan.At the time I remember thinking that I probably wouldn’t complete any of the actions as these are things that I have been avoiding for years. Within one week I had tackled the most challenging item on the list . It felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. It was at that moment that I realised how burdened I was. I feel that I am only able to move forward as I now truly understand my patterns of behaviour.

There are still issue to deal with. However now that I am aware of the underlying causes, I know I can apply the tools . If you feel that you are stuck,have no idea of which direction you are headed, if you need to resolve issues from your past, or would like some help to figure out ongoing patterns of behaviour that don’t serve any purpose, then I would highly recommend that you try loop busting. Thank you Caz” 


It is unquestionable that Caz has a unique talent when it comes to loop busting. Her idiosyncratic style became more and more relentless, leaving me with not a corner left to run away to. Her persistence and direct compassion broke loop after loop of excuses and fables I had created in my mind. For this to work, I felt it was a 50/50 process. To be successful, I needed to put complete trust in Caz and her way of working. Her assured, confident and steadfast approach made that easy to do.  We didn’t stop the session until the work was complete, culminating in putting an end to an issue that had troubled me for the best part of a year. Thank you Caz! 


“The honesty Caz gave me was exactly what I was needing. I love how she really sees through and identifies patterns so easily. Her approach is very natural in that her intuition is extremely correct. Information/guidance seems to come to her effortlessly. Caz is a very truthful and beautiful mirror for us to really recognise ourselves on many levels. I recommend her very highly.” 


Turbo charged psychotherapy! 



Loop-busting with Caz has proven to be one of the most significant therapeutic triggers for healing of my adult life.One session with Caz with my husband and myself allowed me – in entirely unprescriptive ways – to see aspects of my behavioral patterning that were not just adversely affecting my experience of myself, but also my experience of and participation in my marriage.The uncovering and ‘clear vision’ of certain numbing behaviors that I had been using unconsciously for decades triggered behavioral change that was deep and permanent. These changes then triggered a cascading of fresh insights, and the shifting of behavioral patterning acquired in childhood that I had subsequently, unconsciously, sustained into adulthood and maturity.Loop-busting changed my life. It set me free, and allowed me to see myself and my behavior (and that of the other people in my life) in fresh, and un-enmeshed ways.If you are looking to let go of something that you can’t put your finger on but you know is holding you back – make an appointment with Caz Coronel. You will absolutely be glad you did.

Isabel O’Hanley

Joanna January 11, 2014 at 5:53 pm: I had no idea I was in a loop! I had no idea that I was contributing to my problems by continually making the same mistakes and increasingly adding to the confusion and contradictions in my life, but that is exactly what I have been doing. I have been so lucky to make a connection with Caz who immediately saw that I needed help to free me from the confused state I was in. I am now busting through the loops I have built up around me for so many years, and although it isn’t an easy process it is an enlightening one. With the help of Caz I have already made huge steps forward towards understanding the core of the problems I have, and in doing so can now look forward to freeing myself from my muddled thought processes and finding true clarity.

Jaspreet January 12, 2014 at 12:03 pm Caz is a grounded and gifted teacher who is a pleasure to work with. She is able to provide the right mixture of teaching and guidance whilst encouraging a persons intuitive wisdom and understanding of self. Her approach and sense of humour are refreshing (often leaving you walking away with a smile) it’s wonderful to see that her knowledge within Loop Busting is serving others. I highly recommend anyone entertaining the thought of working through mental blockages to work with Caz who provides a safe environment in which to learn and grow.

Maura Williamson January 17, 2016 at 2:47 pm hello Caz do you visit Ireland with your therapy sessions?there great centres in ireland that perhaps your therapy would be valuable to people particularly young people, many thanks, Maura W


Caz January 17, 2016 at 3:25 pm Hey Maura, thanks for your comment. I am coming to Ireland in May to do a talk at the Animystics conference I would certainly be happy to set up appointments then and to do some work with younger people.