March 29, 2020 in DJing

The Greatest Sober Rave Online: MGV Earth Hour: 29/03/2020

Post for Morning Gloryville Online Earth Hour Rave.

Morning Gloryville Online Earth

My lovely fellow dancers! I have some exciting news for you. Where our world feels a bit topsy-turvy, we all need some healing, connection and a good rave more than ever. I’m beyond thrilled to invite you to a revolutionary online event, the first-ever Morning Gloryville Online Earth Hour Rave!

With all the clubs closed many of us are missing our beloved communities. But fear not, for love, fun and connection shall prevail! The creative minds behind Morning Gloryville have concocted a unique and exhilarating virtual experience that will bring us all together while we observe Earth Hour and honour our beautiful planet.


Mark your calendars for Sunday, the 29th of March, at 11 am, and prepare to embark on a cosmic journey through time and space from the comfort of your own home. Our virtual club will feature a live DJ set from myself DJ Caz Coronel, alongside other surprises and soul-stirring performances. I can’t wait to share my music and energy with you all across the globe. I’m already daydreaming about the fantastic dance moves you’ll be busting out!

Dress code

To make this experience even more magical, let’s adorn our backgrounds with fairy lights, biodegradable glitter, and funky decorations. Channel your inner Mother Nature, dress up as your favourite animal, a twinkling star, or even a tree – let your creativity run wild! We want to see your true selves shining through.


While our interactive live rave will be capped at a global capacity of 1000 participants, the event will also be live-streamed on Facebook for everyone to enjoy. Remember, this is the first of its kind, so we appreciate your patience with any technical hiccups.


This online Morning Gloryville Rave is being offered on a donation basis, with 10% of the funds raised going to WWF’s Australian Wildlife Relief. Your generous donations will help support the freelance creatives, healers, DJs, performers, facilitators, and teachers who have been affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Join us on this fantastic adventure as we dance, connect, and heal together during these trying times. Remember, my beautiful friends, we are in this together, and our collective love and energy will see us through. And if you’re interested, you can read more about the transformative potential of wellness on my Conscious Explorers page.

With love and anticipation,

Caz Coronel

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