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Morning Gloryville Unity Rave: The most joyful Party 24/10/2020

Poster for Morning Gloryville Unity Rave, coming 24th October at The Steel Yard. The poster shows a unicorn under a rainbow.

Morning Gloryville Unity Rave – Dancing for Unity

Unity Rave by Morning Gloryville is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be more excited! On Sunday, 24th October, I’ll be DJing alongside Pecks on Decks and the legendary Normski at The Steel Yard in Central London, spinning some House, Tech, Breaks, DnB and everything in between. This sober rave welcomes everyone, kids included, and promises a mind-blowing experience.

More Than Just Music

The Unity Rave isn’t just about dancing; it’s also about connecting with others and embracing wellness. The event features yoga sessions, sound journeys, open mic, creative workshops, and more. Morning Gloryville has thoughtfully curated an experience that nurtures the body, mind and soul. And if you know me, you know I always give my everything for my Morning Gloryville gigs!

A Sober Celebration

One of the most unique aspects of the Unity Rave is that it’s completely sober. This means you can expect high-energy, authentic connections on the dance floor without the influence of alcohol or other substances. It’s an environment where everyone can feel free to express themselves authentically.

Something for Everyone

Morning Gloryville’s Unity Rave has something for everyone, from yoga classes to art workshops for both kids and adults. You’ll find a wisdom lounge, tarot café, massages, and reiki energy healing to satisfy your spiritual cravings. And don’t forget the nourishing plant-based food, energising coffees, and delicious smoothies to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

Dress to Express

The dress code for the Unity Rave encourages you to express yourself boldly and unapologetically. Embrace your inner creativity and wear something that celebrates your individuality. This is a space where everyone is accepted and welcomed just as they are.

Join the RAVEolution with Morning Gloryville

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that combines music, wellness and community, Morning Gloryville’s Unity Rave is the place to be. Get your tickets now so you don’t miss this chance to dance, connect, and celebrate life with like-minded people. See you on the dance floor!

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