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Museum of Consciousness Nosily Festival 2024

On Saturday 13th July at Noisily Festival the Museum of Consciousness will present two hours of cutting-edge interactive sound experiments.

Five artists will attempt to alter the audience’s
state of consciousness through the power of sound alone…

0.1 An introduction to the Museum of Consciousness by founder, Carl Hayden Smith

Discover the aims, objectives, history and trajectory of the Museum of Consciousness. A couple of the best examples from previous sessions will be played as samples to open the event.

0.2 A water memory activation practice with Maya Nova

During the introduction, we will pass a copper water container between the participants. This has been charged in nature with copper technology.
We will invite everyone to add a personal intention to the water.
During the 2-hour show, we will place water containers in the space to absorb the whole experience. We will complete the journey by drinking the memory of the water.

Artist Bio: Maya has travelled the world exploring and experiencing the nature of human kind. Embodiment and healthy intimacy became her focus. She studied for 3 years in dance and healing modalities “Contact Beyond Contact”. This led her into creating workshop spaces to explore the interconnectivity of life.

Caz Coronel

Sounds recorded in sacred spaces and ordinary places to transport the listener to other realms. A musical journey through different states incorporating brain entrainment tones mixed using live brain wave data…..

Pennsylvania’s Ringing Rocks

Composed using sounds from an extra-ordinary boulder field in Pennsylvania, where the rocks produce a distinct ringing tone when struck. This phenomenon is caused by their unique mineral composition and stress fractures. The boulder field is considered sacred by indigenous Native American tribes. This track also incorporates frequencies from the local wildlife, creating a sonic journey through the natural environment.

Wells (Red & White)

A sonic exploration sampling two healing wells near the Glastonbury Tor. The White Spring, housed within a Victorian Well House, exudes a sacred atmosphere. Its water is rich in calcium and minerals, believed to possess healing properties. Nearby lies the Red Spring, or Chalice Well, with its iron-rich water, giving it a distinctive reddish tint. The mystery of how these wells with such different mineral properties exisit so close to each other, lives on today.

The Sacredness of Minutiae

A celebration of tiny, intimate sounds captured through ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), set against a backdrop of expansive music. This piece invites listeners to meditate on the extraordinary within the ordinary. To discover the sacredness that resonates through even the most mundane minutiae.

Rave Entrainment

High-energy dance music designed to create hype and synchrony in a club environment. The isochronic club beat incorporates live EEG brain wave data. It aima to guide the audience into a shared state of heightened excitement and connection.

Industrial Shamanism

A fusion of primal, shamanic rhythms rooted in nature with the industrial, man-made sounds of techno- a modern ritualistic equivalent. This performance incorporates live EEG brainwave data. Seeking to guide listeners on a journey into altered states of consciousness. This track explores the intersection of ancient traditions and contemporary sonic landscapes.

Caz Coronel

is a composer, music producer, multimedia artist, soundscape designer, and international DJ. Caz produces music and mixes for immersive events, shows, film, and consciousness-shifting experiences. Caz is passionate about understanding reality, the human experience and what moves people. Her creative process is deeply intuitive, unbound by genres or trends and is made with love to elevate consciousness. She collaborates with The Monroe Institute (sonic brain entrainment) and RoXiva (flickering light entrainment) for consciousness expansion, therapeutic healing and brain research.

Caz is the Founder of Conscious Explorers, a thriving community dedicated to exploring consciousness, living consciously and self-actualisation. Caz has been exploring consciousness for a lifetime with extensive expertise in out-of-body experiences, astral projection, lucid dreaming and psychedelic exploration. She teaches and speaks on consciousness-related topics. Caz holds a BA in Philosophy in Cognitive and Computing Science and actively engages in discussing the ethical and philosophical implications of emerging technologies. Caz is the founder of Loop Busting Therapy, a method that quickly addresses the root of a problem, often in just one session, accessing the authentic self and empowering clients to move beyond issues to thrive.

A World of Music for Energy and Transcendent states!

Audyssey (Gavin Mckenzie)

Title: Unity

Description: Question: can we achieve unity in a festival with sound?

“Researchers ultimately found that the individuals’ brain activity synchronised with the rhythms they were hearing, notably at 1.65 hertz, where they experienced this feeling of “unity” the most.”


For the purpose of research for the Museum of Consciousness at Noisily Festival, Audyssey will perform a 20-minute electronic music composition based on 1.65Hz frequency at 99BPM to invoke a feeling of unity. Created with Ableton Live and Max for Live.

Artist Bio:

Gavin has spent over 30 years immersed in the diverse tapestry of sonic architecture. His journey as a creative practitioner has taken him across the UK and Europe, where he played live and as a DJ residency at the iconic Radio 1 dance stage, Leeds festival. The experience has been a testament to the collaborative spirit of the teams and fellow artists who have supported his journey in music production.

As the director of music and events at Leeds’ renowned venue, Musiquarium, he orchestrated innovative programs that fused art and sound, utilising the recording studio and venue to create immersive sensory experiences. Beyond my industry endeavours, I’ve also shared my expertise in music education, teaching and co-authoring modules on nightclub entertainment management at Leeds Metropolitan University.

My affiliation with Ableton Live spans over two decades, during which I’ve leveraged their cutting-edge tools to embark on a seven-year odyssey through France and Spain before settling in Ibiza for 6 years. I’ve pioneered music production retreats and written a book on health and wellbeing in the creative industry, integrating practices like breathwork, yoga, and nutrition to nurture the creative spirit from within.

Currently he is working with Roxiva Innovations creating music for audio visual entrainment experiences and developing a new methodology with the RX1, Ableton Live, Audeze LCD-X headphones and the Subpac via OSC messages and maxforlive plugins. “Music therapy just got an upgrade”. In essence, his life’s work revolves around the transformative power of electronic music, blending artistry, education, and holistic wellbeing to inspire others on their own creative journeys.



Title: The Magnificence of Being Human

Description: This piece is an exploration and blessing of all known areas of human experience, as well as highlighting the constant promise of change. The aim of the piece is to free the listener of all attachments they may have, whilst propelling them into the motion of transformation in relation to nature.

Artist Bio:

Amelie is a nineteen year old multi media artist from South East England, focused on justice and culture. Amelie believes that during these times on the planet it is important that we celebrate what we can do. With a background in writing focused on justice and culture, Amelie is taken to expressing herself through sound to evermore reveal the truth of existential reality and release her message to the world.

Hermes Bootlegger (Filip Lundström)

Title: ”NOTHUMAN.YET” – A NeuroBlues in the digital desert
Human beings are technological, but technology is changing, fast. The human being is at a crossroads moment of extreme existential tension where the quality of our humanity is at stake. NOTHUMAN.YET is a journey where brainwaves become sound waves. The work is based on EEG data controlling a machine learning synthesizer and Acid Western Electric Guitar Riffs interacting with each other, creating a strange feedback loop of mirage and mystery.

Artist Bio:

Hermes Bootlegger is a persona of storyteller and musician Filip Lundström that he becomes when exploring the mysteries of human becoming in our technological paradigm through sound. He does this by interfacing cutting edge digital sound technologies such as machine learning synthesis with brainwave data and electric guitar. He is a founding member of Dark Renaissance Productions and a contributor to the philosophy and narratology of Hyperhumanism as a member of The HyperHuman Institute.


(Justin Handley + Jo Hunt)
Title: Rhythms of Consciousness – Synchronizing and Improvising with Natural Frequencies

Description: Silvermouse’s live session at the Museum of Consciousness promises to delve deep into the essence of sound’s power over our mental states. Silvermouse will merge the art of live performance with the science of brainwave entrainment. In a fully improvised live moment, they will create brainwave entrainment frequencies tuned to the heartbeat of a random audience member.

Silvermouse is blending art and science by using naturally occurring repetitive phenomenon like the cycle of the moon, the frequency of a color, or the frequency of a human heart to create a unique palette of frequencies designed to interact and synchronize the moment they are occurring. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey that responds to and synchronises with the moment in which they are occurring, offering a unique exploration of consciousness through the universal language of music.

Artist Bio

Silvermouse, comprised of multi-instrumentalist Justin Handley and live electronica artist Jo Hunt, is a pioneering duo in the realm of Psychedelic and Psychoactive Livetronica. They collaborate closely with the Monroe Institute to bring consciousness-altering sound signals into the live performance space. Renowned for their blend of psychedelic sounds, live electronics, and a dynamic range that spans atmospheric electronica to future folk, Silvermouse has captivated audiences and critics alike. Their music, described as ‘a fresh fusion of the last fifty years of music history’, marries electronica with live instruments in a way that is both innovative and evocative, offering an experience that transcends the auditory to become something deeply felt and transformative.

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