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Noisily Festival: Museum of Consciousness!

I am epically excited to be performing my own compositions at the Museum of Consciousness Noisily!

The next edition of the Museum of Consciousness will take place at Noisily Festival with Tom Middleton, Tensuhi, Caz Coronel, Delay Grounds & Amelie Flora Harper Stanford

When and Where

SATURDAY 8th July | 17:00 – 18:30 | SOUL


This intimate exhibition of the Museum of Consciousness at Mind Body Soul will include 5 sound experiments performed over 90 minutes.

The Museum of Consciousness contains exhibits by a multitude of artists, mavericks and consciousness explorers who are keen to transmit their most treasured work: short, audio-based samples that are designed to create expansive states of consciousness (including love). There are over 100 artists in the Museum including Jon Hopkins, Orbital, Alexandre Tannous, Lisa Lashes and Tom Middleton. https://www.themoc.org

At Noisily, the challenge to the Museum’s five featured artists is to produce a reliable altered state of consciousness in a live audience, just with sound; This structure is designed to act as an engine for creative regeneration between the artist and the audience, empowering both in equal measure.

The ticketed session will be made up of three steps: first the artist will transmit their work to the audience, then they will help to integrate their transmission by explaining their work in depth, and finally the audience will communicate its thoughts and feelings back to the artist, in order to help them learn and iterate on their piece.

Featured Artists at Noisily

Tom Middleton

identifying fundamental frequency and resonance using ceremonial choral toning to explore harmony, synchronicity and human connection in the King’s Chamber, Great Pyramid of Khufu, Giza, Egypt

An interpretation of a unique and fascinating audio recording of improvised voice toning for a ceremonial performance by a small ensemble of male and female voices. Based around an experiment to determine the resonant fundamental frequency generated within the ‘initiation chamber’ that stands inside the King’s Chamber deep within the great Pyramid of Giza. The purpose of the rose granite King’s Chamber and the human sized chest largely remains a mystery. Was it for ceremonial initiations? Or an ancient resonance technology for generating energy? Sound is vibrational energy in motion which we not only perceive and decode as noise, information, or music, but also can experience and feel as sensations of vibration. This chamber seems to amplify these vibrations when resonant standing waves activate the quartz crystal in the granite, delivering perceivably potent sensations and resulting higher states of being.


Your Inner Vibrational Universe: Shifting your energy state through vibration, sound & frequency

Tensuhi will present on the elemental aspects of vibrational sound and how sound changes your vibrational state (physically and energetically) The practice includes a series of techniques which have their roots in ancient Japan. By consciously integrating and embodying these sounds we can learn to understand how sound is profoundly key in re-shaping aspects of our life.

Bio: Tracie Storey aka Tensuhi has a full spectrum approach to sound; DJ/Producer, sound designer, vibrational sound practitioner, teacher, writer and speaker. She pivoted from her career as a worldwide touring DJ and started training in 2011 as a Vibrational Sound Practitioner exploring the transformational therapeutic properties of Bio Resonance, Sound Meditation and Qi Gong. She is the founder of Elemental Resonance a platform for restorative Vibrational Sound therapy. Vibrational Sound and Qi Gong are key nodes in Tensuhi’s practice. Her experience of sound was established by exploring the transformative power of dance culture. She is working closely with Pioneer DJ and The Art of Arete at IMS to bring awareness about the importance of the power of sound as a medicine. Her online course ‘Higher Vibrational Being’ introduces you to Qi Gong, Meditation, Toning and the ‘Five Pillars’ of living in a Higher Vibrational way. Step by step video lessons which help you to tap into your vital state of being as you learn to cultivate a ‘Daily Practise.’ These techniques tune your body & mind using sound and movement passed down from Chinese and Japanese masters as you are guided through these movements. More information: www.elementalresonance.com

Caz Coronel

“Paracusia for Robert” is a track that arose out of a meditation session after Caz was asked by a gentleman named Robert to write a piece to help him reach an enlightened state. Caz was composing at the Monroe Institute at the time and was regularly doing meditations there. The piece arrived in her consciousness after she fell asleep in one of these meditations. The Monroe Institute is located in Virginia, USA, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and are known for their natural beauty and rich geological diversity. Aside from the incredible nature, the ground is rich in crystals and the energy there is really something. Caz is certain this contributed to the energy of the piece. All the parts were recorded at the institute, and the singing was recorded in the forest surrounding the institute.

Sound technology from the Institute was added to create gamma synchrony; a union and coherence of all brainwaves that helps with a sense of wellbeing.

“Ganga ma” is a piece written in Rishikesh, India, at the foothills of the Himalayas, about the magnificent Ganga river. This track also contains Monroe Sound Science, modulated tones that create gamma synchrony. This brings the listener into a sense of energised calm. We need both energy and calm to navigate this life and the vibrant Ganga river with all its hustle and bustle so clearly represented this to Caz. The reality of life is that it is often hectic, but the trick is to embrace it and find our peace within it.

Bio: Caz Coronel is a composer, multimedia artist, music producer, soundscape designer, and international DJ. Caz produces music and creates mixes for immersive spaces, shows, film, and consciousness-shifting experiences. Caz is passionate about understanding the nature of reality, the human experience, and what truly moves people. When it comes to her own music, the process of creation is deeply intuitive, unbound by genres or trends, but originates from within, made with love to inspire and elevate consciousness. Caz’s collaboration with the Monroe Institute, a pioneer in brainwave entrainment for over 50 years, places her at the forefront of cutting-edge sound technology. These audios can guide the brain into a desired state for a variety of purposes. More information: https://cazcoronel.com

Delay Grounds Live Audience as a Production Tool

Patrick will be transmitting a sample recording taken from a performance at Chateu Perche Festival last year in France. He will also discuss his experience of creating a reactive live set up and using it to respond to the energy of a live audience.

Bio: Producer and Sound Artist, Delay Grounds career spans over a decade and has seen him write and perform a wide variety of music from psychedelic rock to electronic dream pop and on to dance music. After spending 6 years living in Bristol honing his craft, his recent move to London reflects a development in his live performance practice which has in the last couple of years seen him perform across the UK and internationally. More info: https://on.soundcloud.com/gC3mY

Amelie Flora Harper Stanford: Map of the Unseen

Map of the Unseen is an accumulation of forest sounds intertwining with spoken word of modern day society. Relax and dance with the ever moving knot of humans beings’ relationship with the natural world.

Bio: Amelie is an 18-year-old artist from Forest Row, Sussex. Near to the Downs and the Ashdown Forest. Amelie studies folklore in fascination with the integration of English land with human society. Amelie hopes to use art to manifest a new and revived knowledge of our consciousness and environment, in everyday life. Working with Forest Row’s Wildhart Radio course, ‘Primal Sounds’, Amelie has collaborated with fellow young people to create an auditorial vision of our village, and country: an ever-changing state of home.

Thanks to Hely Cameronand the Noisily Festival of Music and Artsfor their help and support.

More info and tickets: https://noisilyfestival.com/mind…/museum-of-consciousness/

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