May 27, 2020 in DJing

LGTBQI+ Pride With Morning Gloryville: Celebrating Love and Diversity Online

As a proud member of the LBTQI+ community, Pride has always been incredibly important to me. I’m honoured to be part of another pride event. This time, I’m teaming up with the amazing Morning Gloryville community, who are the pioneers of sober raving, to bring you an exciting online experience. In honour of Pride, we’re inviting you to a special Online Pride Parade on Saturday, June 27th. We stand for solidarity, inclusivity, equality, and diversity. We stand for LOVE!

Caz Coronel rocking a playful pink wig (just barely held on by my headphones!), giving a big thumbs up while on set. The poster gives info about the Pride Rave I'll attend: 27th June 10:10 am BST

Today, as I reflect on my journey, I remember a time when I felt shame about my feelings for women. It’s incredible to see how much things have changed since then – now, I couldn’t be happier about my emotions and who I am.

Initially, I wasn’t very comfortable with the word “Pride,” but as an antidote to shame, it works exceptionally well. We still have a lot of work to do. Love between two mutually consenting adults hurts no one and adds love to this world. Yet, some people are still getting killed for it.

Many members of our LGBTQ+ community are fighting for their right just to be themselves and are battling additional prejudices. As we celebrate Pride, we also protest the injustices faced by BAME and trans individuals, amongst others. We mustn’t stop until everyone is treated equally.

Join us for a day of celebration, as we revel in each other’s uniqueness and beauty. The juicy LGBTQI+ lineup includes yours truly, DJ Caz Coronel, and many other talented artists. The Online Wellness Party and Pride Parade will take place on Zoom from 9 am to 2:30 pm BST on Saturday, June 27th. Tickets will go on sale for the public on Monday, 22nd June, but if you’re an O2 Priority customer, you can grab yourself a 50% discount via the Priority app!

We’ll kick off the wellness party with an all-levels yoga session at 9 am, followed by the dance party at 10 am. Get ready for live DJ sets, awesome music, and a whole lot of interactive dance-offs! We’ve also got some surprises planned for you, so make sure to register early, as spaces are limited.

Having previously headlined the London Gay Pride street party and performed alongside D Ramirez, Fatboy Slim, and Groove Armada, I am excited to bring my experience and passion for music to Morning Gloryville’s Online Wellness Party. Expect lively world flavours, energetic beats, massive basslines, and euphoric drops to send you into an ecstatic frenzy.

At the end of the Rave and Parade, we’ll open up our famous Wisdom Lounge for talks and community sharing. This is a celebration for all of us, and we want to celebrate your uniqueness and beauty. So, will you join the RAVEolution?

Get ready for an uplifting and energising journey, as we dance our hearts out in the name of Pride and Morning Gloryville’s commitment to love, unity, and diversity.

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