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The Sensuous magic Of 1813 at Secret Cinema: Bridgerton Immersive 02 – 04/2022

An Evening of Regency Splendour at Lady Whistledown’s Society Ball by Secret Cinema

Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, allow me to invite you to a most extraordinary event that shall leave you swooning! Lady Whistledown’s Society Ball, an immersive Bridgerton experience by Secret Cinema! This will take place in a stunning indoor ballroom in Wembley, London. As your gracious host for the evening, I shall be conducting the orchestra at this delightful gathering. Do join us in the enchanting world of 1813 England! If you joined us for Secret Cinema’s events before, you’ll know how wonderfully thrilling this night will be!

An Ear Open to Your Musical Suggestions

My dear guests, I am eager to hear your musical requests for the evening’s entertainment. While I offer no guarantees, I shall, certainly consider each suggestion. Please bear in mind the collective enjoyment of our esteemed attendees. May your selections bring joy and furthermore merriment to all present!

A Glimpse of the Regency Era

As you step into the sumptuous ballroom, you will be whisked away to the disreputable echelons of 1813 England. From the captivating performances to the hidden secrets whispered in dark corners, the Friends of Lady Whistledown from Secret Cinema have arranged a soirée that will leave you breathless. With a personalised Regency backstory, each guest shall have the opportunity to indulge in the spotlight or engage in clandestine intrigues – the choice is entirely yours!

Practical Information from Secret Cinema

The immersive Bridgerton experience shall take place from February to April 2022. Soirées will be held on Thursdays from 18:30 to 21:30 and Saturdays from 19:00 to 22:00. The lavish festivities shall span approximately three hours, providing ample time for mingling, dancing, and merry-making. Get thine tickets here if you please.

I eagerly await our forthcoming encounter at this enchanting Society Ball. Until our eyes meet across the dance floor, I bid you adieu and look forward to a night of Regency splendour that shall not soon be forgotten!

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