June 5, 2024 in Conscious Realms

Slowing down time in a Lucid dream

I wanted to share a lucid dream with you that was so much fun! Maybe you guys would like to try it if you get lucid. In hindsight I’m beginning to see some genuinely useful applications for this technique!

In this morning’s lucid dream, I was able to slow down the perception of time so that I could breakdance like a pro because I had so much time to work out where every limb went. I’d say I slowed it down about twenty times. It was immensely satisfying and somehow flipping in the air didn’t feel scary at all because it was happening so slowly!

In my dream, a friend who knew me was watching me totally shocked because he was seeing me in real time. He couldn’t understand how suddenly I had mastered breaking dancing.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in waking life, I did something that made my time perception slow down to this level (a totally crazy story for another time!)

It made me wonder…what was actually happening in my brain? Was it speeding up? Is the same thing happening in the dream? I searched for some studies but there is very little on it. We have all had the experience of time feeling slow when are bored on not enjoying something, but this was different.

The movement and the feel of things was happening twenty times slower so I could see and feel every micro detail. Everything was in slow motion.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

📷 Breakdancing Photo by Allan Mas 🕺

📷 Brain Landscape by AI and I on Night cafe 🧠

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