June 20, 2022 in Conscious Explorers

The Monroe Institute, a once in a lifetime journey to The USA: Astonishing Sound Science: 3rd to 10/06/2022

The Monroe Institute Experience

During my recent visit to Virginia, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with The Monroe Institute on some groundbreaking sound science. Immersed in the profound energy of the place and working alongside world-class musicians, we utilised the Institute’s 50 years of research on brain entrainment to create various higher-functioning brain states.

The Magic of Virginia

The energy in Virginia is difficult to put into words. Surrounded by outstanding natural beauty and serenaded by the soothing sounds of nature, there is undoubtedly something magical about the place. This enchanting energy was echoed by those who call Virginia home, and it became a constant source of inspiration and wonder during my stay.

A Creative Sanctuary

My desire to create in harmony with nature was met with unwavering support from The Monroe Institute team. Whether it was providing extension cords to power my setup in the forest or offering a warm cup of tea, their dedication to fostering creativity knew no bounds. When rain threatened to interrupt my work, Robert and Ignacio promptly arrived with a large parasol to ensure no interruptions.

Where sound science is made - my studio in Virginia at The Monroe Institute.

Electric Drugs: Transformative Sound Technology

The Monroe Institute is home to revolutionary sound technology, capable of inducing incredible, transcendent states of consciousness. This phenomenal gift has the power to elevate and sustain one’s mental state, creating a lasting effect that can be accessed even after the initial experience. I was granted permission to incorporate this extraordinary sound technology into my music and mixes, taking my work to unprecedented heights.

Connecting with Kindred Spirits

During my time in Virginia, I had the pleasure of meeting Leemond, a fellow explorer of the unknown whom I had previously encountered online through my Conscious Explorers community. Leemond and his wife Holly proved to be the most gracious hosts, sharing incredible stories and showing me the local sights. It was a delight to connect with like-minded souls who shared my curiosity about the nature of reality.

Unstoppable Attitude and Endless Possibilities

The team at The Monroe Institute instilled in me an invaluable lesson: an unstoppable attitude can make anything possible. Robert’s unwavering belief in my ability to achieve my creative goals inspired me to push my boundaries and explore new horizons.

Expanding the Reach of Sound Science

The Monroe Institute’s sound technology has the potential to induce brain states that might otherwise require a lifetime of meditation or psychedelic experiences. Through our collaboration, we aimed to expand the reach of this technology and raise collective vibrations. The Expand app, which features some of these transformative tones, is an excellent resource for those interested in experiencing the power of sound science.

My journey to the Monroe Institute in Virginia was a life-changing experience filled with creativity, discovery, and connection. The incredible people, cutting-edge technology and unforgettable moments have left an indelible mark on my soul, and I look forward to incorporating these newfound insights and tools into my future work.

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