I’ve had the privilege of creating soundtracks and producing and mixing music for a variety of exciting projects over the years. I’m excited to share some of these with you. From haunting melodies for indie films to high-energy compositions for immersive theatre, I’ve got you covered. I aim to strongly evoke emotion to enhance and transform your storytelling and narratives through sound.


Stardust is an award-winning musical show that takes you on a breathtaking journey into Colombia’s heart of darkness. It illuminates the human toll of the West’s most notorious illegal drug through mesmerising original compositions.

The show sold out at the Roundhouse in Camden during it run. Stardust was Originated & Performed by Miguel Hernando Torres Umba, it was written by Daniel Dingsdale, the animations were created by Diana Garcia; photos by Ali Wright and music, sound FX and sound were done by myself Caz Coronel. You can hear one of the tracks here.

Burping Bovidae

In 2006, I had the privilege of writing all the music for the documentary Burping Bovidae. This film with its Monty Python like humour tackles the serious issue of excessive methane production due to an over saturation of bovidae. This made New Zealand, at the time of filming, the worlds largest greenhouse gas emitter, causing a dangerous hole in the ozone above it.

Screened at a cinema in New Zealand in association with New Zealand Natural History. It was a great honour to work on something that shed light on a serious problem impacting the environment. Watch the whole film here.

Soundtracks and Soundscapes

Here are some projects that I have worked on. Each one was a unique and exciting opportunity to create a musical journey that matches the tone and mood of the story being told.

Ghosts Of The Wasteland

As the composer, sound designer and audio engineer, I was responsible for every single aspect of the sound on Ghosts: scoring, fx, restoring, mixing and mastering. Hear a clip here.

Moving Through Stillness

Moving Through Stillness is a journey of self-discovery through the realms of movement and energy. My original track A Way runs through most of the film. Curated by Ana Carvalho and Elverado Pereira; the film was made by Kimi Gill.


Senses was a collaboration between Soledad De La Hoz, James Wordsworth and myself. Performed at the studio Wayne McGregor on February 7th, 2020. improvised Piano and video FX by Caz Coronel; dancing by Soledad De La Hoz; visuals by James Wordsworth.

Poster for a Peaky Blinders immersive show in Camden
Peaky Blinders
Poster for Secret Cinema's Stranger Things
Stranger Things
Poster for Secret Cinema's Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Poster for Doctor Who Time Fracture immersive show
Dr Who
Poster for Slave
Poster for King of the Castle
King Of The Castle
Poster for Strangers and Neighbours
Strangers & Neighbours
Poster for Between Two Worlds, an audio adaptation of the book The Gift of Alzheimer's by Maggie La Tourelle
Between Two Worlds
Poster for Beatbox Academy by Bac
Beatbox Academy
Poster for Gabriel's Dreams by Suzanne Arnold
Gabriel’s Dream
Poster for Dr Who, Ghosts of the Wasteland
Ghosts of The Wastelands
Poster for Season 1 of Preston Undercover
Preston Undercover

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