June 6, 2024 in Conscious Realms

Sped up perception in a lucid dream

In hilarious contrast to yesterdays lucid dream, (see previous post). In this morning’s lucid dream, I decided to speed up my perception, super fast! It was so fast that I couldn’t actually see what was going on but I could feel it!! It felt absolutely exhilarating!! I wasn’t even quite sure what I was doing, just moving around but the energy within my body was zooming around like a super highway of electricity! ⚑️

But the really funny bit is what happened when I woke up.

I forgot about the dream and started to get on with my day. Suddenly I was doing everything lightening fast, organising the boat, doing the laundry, fixing things, sorting out things that needed doing, all at incredible pace like I had taken a cocktail of Ritalin and Speed! My partner Laura said to me “What’s going on, you are on fire this morning!!!?” πŸ’₯ Only then did I remember what I had done in the lucid dream!

Could this be the answer to lethargy, procrastination and lack of focus!! I intended to test this! πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

(This post was written in 2 mins instead of 20 min! πŸ˜‚ The truth!)

🎨 Cheetah by Zoltan AI art

🎨 Brain by NightCafe AI and I

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