I have been editing scripts and stories for many years. Finding inconsistencies in the narrative is one of the major skills I use in Loop Busting Therapy. If you have a hole in your plot, I will find it! I then offer solutions to make creative worlds and storylines coherent.

Caz Coronel has an innate sense of plot and story and has an imagination that is tempered by a logical mind. She can isolate plot holes and see the big picture of structure, as well as character details.

Jesse Ross, associate producer THIRTEEN LIVES (directed by Ron Howard), script associate PATRIOTS (written by Peter Morgan)

Caz’s critiques are always honest and never sugarcoated, constantly pushing me as a writer. She provides me with comprehensive insights and suggestions to complex editorial issues. I cannot recommend her enough.

Daniel Grant – BBC News /Author

Caz Coronel worked as a script editor for our 2021 feature film, “Dimension Slip.” She provided a deep analysis and breakdown of several drafts of the script and was instrumental in ensuring that the narrative, character and themes remained consistent and effective throughout the script.

Jason Fite – Director

Caz has a great eye helping to bring out what really works in a narrative, in a commercial and creative sense. I’d highly recommend her if you need someone for a read through who thoroughly understands the business of entertainment.

Emma Toynbee author

Caz has an encyclopaedic awareness of the universe and is always ready to explore an idea from every angle. We often discuss complicated thoughts and concepts at multiple levels of depths and draw fascinating conclusions and spark new ideas!
Caz is exceptionally thorough in research and strives for utmost accuracy. She definitely see things in more dimensions than just the usual 3D!

James Wordsworth – Author / script writer
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