November 1, 2023 in Conscious Events, Conscious Explorers, Music

The Museum of Consciousness: A Pioneering Sonic Experience at Oxford University

Esteemed colleagues and enthusiasts of groundbreaking experiences. We’re delighted to announce the return of the Museum of Consciousness to Balliol College, Oxford University, following its international acclaim and six sold-out engagements. This curated event will showcase the confluence of science, art, and sound through five distinguished sound transmissions over five hours, with the objective of elevating one’s state of consciousness.

Please note: Given the anticipation, we strongly recommend securing your online tickets promptly as availability at the door will be limited.


Hosted at the prestigious Balliol College, the Museum challenges select artists to produce a tangible and verifiable altered state in audiences using only the medium of sound. We’re proud to collaborate with industry luminaries including Tom Middleton, Jon Hopkins, Lisa Lashes, and Alexandre Tannous.

Participants are not mere attendees but are integral to the creative process. Our structured approach comprises:

  1. Transmission: An auditory showcase by our distinguished artists.
  2. Feedback: An interactive segment allowing attendees to provide insights, further enriching the auditory experience.
  3. Integration: Artists offer a deep dive into their creations, underscoring their commitment to the sonic realm.

The evening will feature an ensemble of renowned artists:

  1. Paul Hartnoll of Orbital : 
  2. Caz Coronel from Conscious Explorers: 
  3. Gavin Lawson of Audysseyave
  4. The Cummings duo from Mystery School of Sound:
  5. Joe Crossley of Astral Projekt 

We look forward to hosting you for an evening of innovation and immersion!


Sun 19th Nov 2023, 6:30pm – 11pm UK time (UTC +00:00)

Further insights are available at:

Buy tickets here:

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