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Trip To the Moon : Part 1

The mission

A friend asked me to check if the moon was metallic?! The following morning I decided to have an OBE to find out. The only problem was that it was ridiculously noisy outside my house as they were digging up the road. I had no earplugs or earphones and my first thought was there is no way I can get myself in the optimum brain state to go out of the body with all this commotion and even if I do, it will drag me back. But I soon corrected myself thinking that if I move into the state with full awareness, there is no reason I need to get jolted back into my body! So I lay on my back with my legs in cobblers pose. I find this a great starting point; there’s a little bit of pain and discomfort, which I have to concentrate on relaxing and this always moves me into the correct brain state from which to launch. The only thing is, when I’m on my back, I usually start snoring and it just annoys me (no more annoying than the road noise outside, but it’s also the feel of it in my throat!). So I usually start here and then move to my side once my body is sleeping.

Remote viewing

After a little hypnagogic imagery, my field of consciousness opened up and I got a vision of an astronaut in a small spacecraft. The name that came to me was Patrick with an “M,” maybe MC something or the other way round. It only lasted a few seconds, and the vision closed down. I went to turn on my side so I could stop snoring. I did this and soon I got some nice sleep paralysis going. I popped out of my body into my bedroom. It was a bit murky, but I could see well enough. In hindsight, I could have flown straight up to go to the moon, but I went for the window to get out. I struggled a bit, I think the noise from all the road drilling made it quite difficult to pull through, but suddenly something took me and I was being led to a place.

Trip to not the actual moon

Wherever whoever took me, it looked just like the moon’s surface, but I assumed it was not because I did not fly upwards but horizontally to get there. I glided over this surface around 8 – 10 inches above it for about 2 mins. There was a strong pull down to the centre though my flight path resisted dragging me down. I realised it was magnetic! I pondered what, this thing pulling me here, was trying to tell me? Are there metallic elements to the actual moon that are magnetic? And why had it taken me here particularly and not to the actual moon?

Trip to the moon

After this, I found myself somewhere that looked more like the earth I know. The force, that had moved me, released its grip on me and I was back in control. I decided to fly up to the moon. This was super fun; I went through all the layers of the sky, rising higher and higher, (a little bit scary!) up through the stratosphere and into space and eventually, I landed on the moon. This was quite vivid and with full awareness of all the clanking and drilling outside my house. The moon looked as expected, dusty and rocky. It occurred to me that to see if it was metallic would be very difficult; I would have to fly through the surface. I wasn’t quite sure how I would know even if I hit it? In hindsight, there is no reason why I couldn’t have flown through the rock, but I’m so used to seeing things, I figured it would be dark and I wouldn’t recognise metal if I saw it. I flew around the surface and ahead and I saw a small hole. I went to it thinking if I only could dig into it, which makes no sense with my immaterial hands. As I looked in the hole, just a little way down, I saw an iron metal pipe. Suddenly I was pulled back to my bed.

False return

The funny thing was, that when I landed back in my bed, I thought I’ll get up now. So I did and went to the window to see what they had done with the road, but suddenly I thought, I’m not ready to get up, so I returned to my bed only to realise that my body was still in there under the covers. It made me laugh as I jumped back and snuggled into my physical body. Then I actually did get up and voice-noted my friend with all the details!

One last point, I woke up with the song America by Razor-light in my head. I need to read the lyrics to see if there is any relevance!

After thoughts

I checked online to see if the moon has any magnetic properties, it is certainly not something I had ever heard of. However I did indeed find quite a few articles saying the moon might have been magnetic! Maybe the reason that this bit of my experience was not on the moon was showing me that it was once magnetic but it is no longer?
“A new study reveals how the diminutive Moon could have been an occasional magnetic powerhouse early in its history, a question that has confounded researchers since NASA’s Apollo program began in the 1960s.”

Quote from the following peer review paper

I then found several new articles saying that new findings have shown that the moon’s core is iron!
“A team of scientists led by French astronomer Arthur Briaud has established that the likely contents of the Moon’s core is a solid metal ball covered by a molten outer layer.”

I suspected that my experience on the moon was not a classic OBE but rather an astral projection. My feelings for this are based on the fact that it is unlikely that there is an iron pipe in the moon like the one I saw. I can normally tell easily when I am on the astral plane since everything is hyper vivid and looks more expansive but this time I really wasn’t sure from appearances alone. Perhaps the lack of clarity is because I have never actually been to the moon? Therefore I don’t have its physical counterpart to relate it to! It just looked as I expected it to, dusty and rocky and greyish!

I couldn’t find any Patricks that have flown to the moon but i did find “Nicholas James MacDonald Patrick” who was an astronaut but is no longer. I also found M Patrick Mccormick working for Nasa who’s name ticks the boxes of both having an M and MC and Patrick but there is no evidence to suggest his work involved the moon. Since he is still alive, I may contact him and ask him!

It is possible that either of these men were involved in something to do with the moon being metalic or magnetic but that it was not publicised, or that there is something yet to come.

As for the Razorlight song, the lyrics can be found here I am not sure if the relevance was literally America, I am researching it further!

Finally this is only part 1 as my friend has now asked me next time to go specifically to the dark side of the moon, the part that remains out of our view. This will be Part 2 and I will report here once I do it.

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