March 23, 2020 in DJing

Secret Cinema excellent AFT Lockdown Party: April 23 & 25

Poster for Secret Cinema Action for Truth Lockdown Party.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be DJing at the Secret Cinema AFT Lockdown Party once again after the resounding success of the last Lockdown Party. This AFT Party is taking place on the 23rd and 25th of April! After the amazing experience we had at the last event, I couldn’t be more excited to return and bring even more energy and good vibes to everyone joining us.

As we all continue to navigate the challenging times we’re facing, I find comfort and solace in the power of music to bring people together, even if it’s virtually. This event is a fantastic opportunity for us to come together as a community, celebrate our resilience, and dance our worries away, if only for a few hours.

The thought of returning to the decks for this event fills me with a mixture of excitement and anticipation. I’ve been busy curating an incredible selection of tunes to share with you all, ranging from the most uplifting beats to the best basslines, with a sprinkle of jazz and world music influences. I can’t wait to see your reactions and feel the energy as we connect through music.

One of the reasons I’m so excited about this AFT Lockdown Party is the opportunity to bring people together from all corners of the globe. This experience has reminded me of the incredible power music has to bridge gaps, create connections, and spread love and unity. I’m truly grateful to be a part of this and contribute to the positivity that we all need in our lives right now.

So, mark your calendars for the 23rd and 25th of April and get ready to join me and an amazing lineup of talented artists for the AFT Lockdown Party. We’re going to make this a night to remember, spreading love, unity, and good vibes to everyone who tunes in. Let’s create beautiful memories and dance like no one’s watching!

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